My story isn't unique. I came to yoga because I was depressed and anxious.

Like so many others who struggle with their purpose in life, I found myself vacillating between constant heart palpitations and an overall feeling of stress and loss. I've always had a sense of adventure, and I always felt a connection through body movement and happiness. 

But I didn't make the connection until my doctor said, "You're stressed. Go to yoga." 3 years after that moment and into my practice, I shed my first tear in Savasana after a strong heart-opening Vinyasa class. And that's when I knew - time to pay attention.

Since that moment those years ago, I have been about reconnecting to my inner child. My teaching isn't about just what pose you are creating. It's about finding that spirit, that voice, that you that makes it all good. Knowing and acknowledging that you are enough, and your brightness can shine through with fun as well as awakening.

I have over 1500 hours of teaching experience. I began my teaching journey in New York City in 2011. I moved back to my hometown of Norfolk, Virginia in 2014. I have led over 20 retreats and led classes all over the world. International locations include Nicaragua, Morocco, Thailand, Laos, and Croatia.