Introduction to Thai Massage - The Ancient Healing Art of Loving Kindness
10:00 AM10:00

Introduction to Thai Massage - The Ancient Healing Art of Loving Kindness

Come alone or bring a friend for a heartfelt, fun and engaging workshop in Thai Massage that will leave you balanced, alert, and feeling great!

With combined experience of more than 10 years and skills learned and attained from the heart of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Michael Weber and Vanessa Fleming bring a unique experience to the mat.

Included is an informative introduction, history and theory, and demonstration. We will work in pairs for a guided tutorial thatplayfully explores this ancient healing art of touch and movement (don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, you will be paired up with another person at the workshop).

This practice in the application of loving kindness will leave you with tools that can last a lifetime. Please dress in non-slippery clothing (cotton is good) that allows a full range of motion.

For registration and information please contact Vanessa at / 646.784.1995 / PM. Visit our website for more information.

~NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED~ This practice is available to anyone!
$45 per person OR $80 for a couple
Sunday, December 10th
10 am - 1:30 pm

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"I Am Enough" 3-Day Workshop Series
to May 7

"I Am Enough" 3-Day Workshop Series

Come join us for a weekend of investing in yourself! The practice of extending love and acceptance to ourselves is often last on the to-do list. Take this time just for you!


We'll explore the concept of "I am Enough" and radical self-acceptance! Empowering yourself to embrace your whole self, we'll take a bold journey together of asana practice, meditation, journaling, and self-nourishment during this three-day workshop. You, just as you are today, are enough! Come join us in this three-day workshop and enable yourself you to take this brave approach to life, yoga, and self-care.


Friday 5:30-7:30 Yin Practice with Vanessa Fleming

Take some moments to settle into the energy that abounds within you. Find grounded settlement as we explore the depths of fluidity of energy, transformation of practice into action through stillness and awareness.


Saturday 10:30-1:30pm - Flow practice with Bridget Murray - Grounding down to rise up--

We'll take time to reflect on healthy ways to "spring clean" and simplify our lives. By acknowledging what we need, our practice can develop from a place of strength and grace. Once grounded, we'll find the courage to fly! This three-hour session will include an all-levels flow practice with inversions, breathwork, meditation, and a discussion of simplifying our eating habits to focus on nourishment.


Sunday 11am-1pm Flow practice - Intuition and Grace

How does your practice influence you on a day-to-day basis? What lessons are awaiting you on your mat? Challenges both on and off the mat can benefit from a new take - You are Enough! This two-hour session will include breathwork, meditation, journaling, and an all-levels practice. What is the best expression of YOUR practice?

Click HERE to register.

Pricing 40, 40, 40 for $120 total
Discount to register for all 3 - $95

No refunds are available for no shows or cancellations. However, we will happily offer you an account credit to the studio.

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Open Mind, Open Heart 6-Week Meditation Series
to Apr 22

Open Mind, Open Heart 6-Week Meditation Series

(Beginners encouraged, all-levels welcome)

Welcome to the Open Mind, Open Heart Pathway to Sustainability Meditation Series - 6 Week Course!

Whether you're a complete beginner to meditation, or your practice could use a little redefining, this meditation series is an investment for your future that will create a pathway to sustainability of a meditation practice. This course is designed to de-mystify the daunt behind meditation, how to get started, and to create a band of like-minded folks to support each other through the process. Each class will be comprised of a meditation exercise, open-class discussions about the layers of the practice, an open forum for sharing, and breakdown of the next steps for how to maintain the practice in between class meetings. Each participant that signs up for the whole series will be given a binder that will include daily practices and mantras, brain exercises to stimulate connection to presence, a space for a meditation journal, a link to download the body-scan .mp3 (discussed in the course) for yours to keep for reference to keep you on track for your practice.

For further inquiry or to book your spot, email Vanessa Fleming:

Every Saturday from 3/18 to 4/22, 2017

809 Brandon Avenue, Suite 210
Norfolk, VA 23517
United States

Investment: $150.00 for 6 week course (includes materials)

$30.00 / drop in

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